OLV Music Ministry

posted Sep 23, 2019, 12:00 PM by Diane Lapinski

OLV Music Ministry Fall Season! All performing ensembles are reforming for the fall season!   There is a group for your schedule and your talents.

OLV Sanctuary Choir – rehearses Thursday evenings, at 7 PM in the Music Room of the Activities Center.  Check your schedule and just “drop in”.  You will find a welcoming, friendly group that will help you find your way through the songs! Teens are welcome!

Contemporary Ensemble – is the guitar/piano/flute/singers group that sings and plays at 9:30 or Noon Mass. Stop by before Mass and sing along.  A “laid-back” group that anyone can fit into and add to the “musical message” of the day!  Contact Mary Weidenhof at: 814-571-2552 or see her after Mass.

Spirits of Fire – is the youthful group that plays at Saturday, 4 PM Mass on the 1st Saturday of the month!  This group is open to people of all ages - who have the music “Spirit” in their hearts. All are welcome –               especially young people – Middle thru High School!

Resurrection Choir – is the group that volunteers to sing at funerals throughout the year.  This group is open to anyone who wants to sing at any funeral as their schedule allows. We are grateful for their care, concern, support and singing at this difficult time.