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August 5, 2012

posted Aug 6, 2012, 11:26 AM by Diane Lapinski

Attention Married Couples: As part of his Marriage Building Initiative, Bishop Bartchak has asked that each parish in the Diocese ask prayers once a month for those married couples of our parish who are celebrating a wedding anniversary that month.  We will be announcing the anniversaries on the weekend of August 18/19.  If you are celebrating your wedding anniversary in August and would like to be mentioned in the announcements and included in the petitions, please notify Diane at the church office by August 16.


Annual Parish Bazaar: The date for this year’s Fall Bazaar has been set - Saturday, Nov. 10th! And we have a new coordinator - Chris Kirkpatrick! We plan to have a tailgate, crafts, ethnic food, baked goods, theme baskets, and a raffle once again, plus bringing back the silent auction, children’s games and live  entertainment!  If you would like to help in one or more of these areas, or another area, please let Chris Kirkpatrick know ASAP. You can reach him at 237-7832, ext. 204.


We Are (Like It Or Not) Penn State: Part of me says I should avoid writing or talking abut the “Penn State situation”, since anything I say will make someone very angry. But then, isn’t    avoidance of the issue one of the main reasons we are in this mess? I say we, because although I am not a student, employee or alumnus of PSU, I am the pastor (and friend) of many people who are. So here it goes:

I do not have sufficient knowledge at this point to comment on such things as “the statue”, the Freeh report, the NCAA punishments, etc. But as a Catholic priest, I do have some experience in what must be done to prevent child abuse from happening. And no matter how many millions of dollars are given to victims, that alone will not make today’s children safer. To do so, I strongly believe that Penn State, and every other college/university, should require that all faculty, staff (administrative and support) and all students attend a course on recognizing the signs of child abuse, on how to report such signs properly, and above all, on the harm such abuse causes children.

Arrogance, greed or cowardice alone cannot account for what happened, both in the Catholic Church and Penn State. Ignorance of what child abuse does to the victim, ignorance of what are the behavior patterns of abusers and ignorance of what one must do in response to it is the biggest problem, in my humble opinion.

It would be tremendous if PSU would be the first institution of higher learning to mandate this. Whatever the cost, it will be far less expensive than not doing it, both in dollars and in human suffering.


Mass Intentions: We are now “caught up” in our Mass intentions to be offered at OLV, so if you have an intention we can satisfy it in a few months.