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February 24, 2013

posted Feb 22, 2013, 11:25 AM by Diane Lapinski

Stations of the Cross: During Lent, Stations of the Cross will be Fridays at 7:00pm and at 1:30pm when school is in session.


Fridays of Lent: All Fridays of Lent are days when Catholics must abstain from eating meat.


Lenten Reading and Almsgiving: On tables in the Gathering Space are Lenten reading materials. Please take one only per family. On a table by the steps to the Upstairs Chapel are cardboard “Rice Bowls” for Lenten almsgiving. Proceeds will be sent to Catholic Relief Services.


Adoration: During Lent, please consider dropping into Church on Thursdays to make a “Holy Hour” before the Blessed Sacrament. The Eucharist is on the altar from 7:30am Thursday til 7:00am Friday. If you can’t spend 60 minutes in the church, how about 30?


Papal Resignation: The day following Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation from the Bishopric of Rome, the headlines in the secular press were sensational: e.g., “Pope’s Resignation Sends Catholics Reeling.” So, are you “reeling”, dear friends? I am not, for two reasons:

First, I have seen so much in the past fifty years that it takes a lot to “reel me”:

- Vatican II: if you lived through it, you know what I am talking about; if you didn’t, I can’t explain it to you;

- A Pope (John Paul I) who died only 34 days after his election;

- The first non-Italian Pope (Bl. John Paul II) in 450 years;

- An assassination attempt upon that Pope;

- The first German Pope (Benedict XVI) in 1,000 years, who had been a POW  during WWII;

- And then there was/is the child sexual abuse scandal - I am really reeling from  that.

Second, on several occasions Pope Benedict stated publicly that if he became unable to carry out the responsibilities of the office of Pope he would resign - and so he did. I suppose few took him seriously when he said that, hence “the shock.” 

At least life in the Catholic Church is not boring! In any event, please continue to pray for Pope Benedict, and for the College of Cardinals who will meet soon to elect the next Bishop of Rome.


Special Mass: On February 28 at Noon, Bishop Mark will celebrate Mass at the Altoona Cathedral for the Holy Father as he begins retirement. All are invited.