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January 19, 2014

posted Jan 17, 2014, 10:31 AM by Diane Lapinski


So much work goes on behind the scenes at our parish. I am truly grateful. I think that is the one characteristic that is a hallmark of our parish. Because I always feel that one should thank those who do much for the parish, I want to take this time to thank all those who helped with our PENANCE SERVICE for Advent. Not only do I want to thank the priests who gave of their time on a busy Sunday, but there were a group of people who provided refreshments afterwards. I want to acknowledge them since it was a work of love. Thanks are extended to Nancy Gulley who spearheaded the group. My thanks are extended to those who donated and served the food: Alice Thomas, Andrea Englehart, Ruthie Straub, Andrea Chirieleison, Kim Caprini, Cindy Shelow, Beth Beattie, Jacquie Serefine, and Jen Rogan. The guys had a delicious meal and all went home happy and satisfied. Thanks to all of you wonderful parishioners who provided the delicious food for us.


Please keep in your prayers those who are going on the MARCH FOR LIFE in Washington, D.C. this Wednesday, the 22nd. It is very important that our lawmakers know that abortion is not alright, that it is the taking of an innocent life. May our marchers be protected and led by St. Michael the Archangel. To all those going, please be assured of our prayers for your safety. God bless.


Just a reminder that we will resume HEARING CONFESSIONS on the first Wednesday of the month after the morning Masses on February 5. Hopefully this will help those who are not able to get out in the evening for the sacrament.


Since the weather has turned nasty these past few weeks, I want to say that it is NOT A SIN to miss Mass due to the bad weather. I know how hard it is to drive in the winter time and for our  elderly and those who are afraid to drive in the snow and ice the Lord surely understands. I say this because some of our parishioners think it is a sin to miss Mass due to the inclement weather. Using common sense, I am sure the Lord would not be hard on us and would want us safe at home rather than on the roads risking our life and the lives of others. Please use common sense when making decisions such as these.




There was a terrible blizzard and it was snowing and snowing all weekend. Sunday morning came and the Pastor saw that the snow had reached his window. He didn't think anyone would be coming to church this morning, but he felt obliged to go anyway. The pastor fought his way through the icy wind and snow to get next door to the church. He waited in the sanctuary,  reading, for ten minutes. He was about to go when the door opened, and a man staggered through. “Hello!" said the pastor. "Church will have to be cancelled today. You're the only one who has come." The man replied, "Reverend, if you had a big herd of sheep, and only one came home that night to feed, would you still feed him?" The   pastor was amazed and cried, "Yes! I would!" He then was filled with the spirit, and decided to preach the best sermon ever. He talked and talked about all of life's trials and joys. He referred to passages from Genesis to Job, Psalms to John, Acts to Revelation. He did so with profound excitement and conviction. This went on for a long time.  After the minister had come to his final conclusion, he went down and talked to the other man. "Did that satisfy you, sir?" he asked happily. The man replied, "Reverend, if you had a herd of sheep and only one came home that night to feed, would you make sure he ate the whole bale of hay!?"