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July 2, 2017

posted Jun 30, 2017, 11:42 AM by Diane Lapinski

FROM THE PASTOR…..MY DEAR PARISH FAMILY, as I type those words, the reality of the word “family” hit home with me a few weeks ago.  When we celebrated Father’s Day on the 18th of June, may people greeted me with the words, “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY” Father.  That greeting always meant a lot to me because I do consider myself a spiritual father to all of my parishioners.  It was so nice to have so many people wishing me a happy father’s day as they left church.  Once again, all I can wish for our parish is that we continue to grow closer together as God’s family under the Father of us all!  God bless and thanks for being a wonderful parish.


And along those lines, at the end of this month I will begin my 5TH YEAR AS YOUR PASTOR.  And normally for me, when these anniversary days occur, I do spend some time in reflection.  I want to simply say, thanks for being such a wonderful parish family.  In many ways you have helped me grow in my spiritual and pastoral life.  Spiritually, your participation and attendance at our liturgies, both weekend and weekday, has been so uplifting to me.  Last weekend the Masses I had were wonderfully participated in by all present.  The singing was tremendous and your prayerful attention at the liturgy was commendable.  I do not know if you realize it, but priests to “feed” off the  participation of his parishioners at the liturgies.  Thank you for your love for and devotion to our Masses.  I also want to thank you for your financial contributions throughout the years.  Not once did I ever have to worry about meeting our Ministries Drive (formerly known as the Annual Catholic  Appeal).  We have met all our Diocesan assessments that come to us.  Whenever we have special appeals (Fr. Ralph or other missionaries, national disasters, etc), OLV has always been in the forefront of contributions, surpassing all other parishes. With our own local charities (Interfaith  Human Services, St. Vincent de Paul, Gabriel Project, etc) once gain OLV is so very  charitable.  Our Sunday collections have gone up, even though we do not have the 5:00 PM Sunday Mass anymore.  Financially, you all have been so very generous to the parish and all charitable contributions.  I also want to thank you all for your personal care and concern for your priests.  Many time I have heard the comment, “How are you doing, Father? You have so much on your plate.  Please take care of yourself.  I am praying for you.”  How heartwarming for a priest to hear those remarks.  No matter now busy or how difficult a situation is that I or other priests must face, knowing that he was the support and love of his parishioners is that which “gets him through” many things.  And so I guess that I am trying to say with so many words is once again, THANKS for a wonderful (and challenging at times) 4 years and I can only ask God to bless you all in a very   special way.  And may we all continue to grow in His love and be known as a parish family who truly loves God and others as He has instructed us.


This Tuesday our nation celebrates INDEPENDENCE DAY, A.K.A. THE 4TH OF JULY.  Since it is a national holiday, the rectory will be closed on the 4th and there will be only one Mass that day at 9:00 AM.  The rectory will reopen on Wednesday at 9:00 AM.  This will allow our staff and priests to enjoy a little bit of summer.



HUMOR FOR THE WEEK - What your baby would tell you if he could talk:

1. I have my blankie, you have your caffeine.  Enough said.

2. Don't be jealous, but I think I'm in love with the ceiling fan.

3. I know where the remote control is, but it'll cost you.

4. To you, it's just an empty egg carton; to me it's PlayStation 2.

5. Actually, I don't mind sitting in a bathtub that I've peed in.

6. Bang a screwdriver slowly and steadily into your gums. That's what teething feels like.

7. There's no point in teaching me to say "mama" or "dada." My first word is going to be "hat."

8. I've told you five times what cow says. If you can't remember, I'm not telling you again.

9. There is no question that I can cry longer than you can listen.