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June 10, 2018

posted Jun 8, 2018, 6:15 AM by Diane Lapinski

FROM THE PASTOR…..MY DEAR PARISH FAMILY,   I would like to invite all parishioners into joining a wonderful and needed project that we are about to undertake.  As you know, we had a CAPITAL CAMPAIGN a few years ago.  With those funds we replaced the church roof, replaced the carpet and pews.  We added security around the church and school.  We replaced the school windows, added additional cameras and replaced the exterior doors on the school.  This summer we will replace all the interior doors in the school.  These improvements and upgrades are just a few, but not all, of the things that were completed.  And so we are in the process of continuing the Capital Campaign for a brief time.  There are some things that still need to be done and I am hoping we can finish them off over the next 2 years.  What are those things that were left undone?  There are three of them. I would like to air condition the school, reconfigure the school cafeteria, kitchen and locker rooms and add an extra security entrance to the main entrance of the school, off of the parkway.  These 3 projects would “complete the work needed for the school” and give us additional security.  Plans have been in the making for a while now.  We are in a silent phase right now and very shortly we will be ready to go forward parish-wide.  Mr. Andrew Charney has agreed to be the chairperson for this project, with Joe and Susan Rogacs and Matt Lingle being co-chairs.  Tom Songer, Dolores Taricani and Bob Leahey are serving on the Steering  Committee.  The cost of the entire project is 1.5 million dollars, with the quiet phase now on-going.  I will be holding a parish-wide meeting in the gym on July 16th at 6:30 to explain more about this project.  We are then hoping to send out a letter and a pledge card afterwards asking for your financial support.  Just from the feedback that we have gotten already from parents of school children and parishioners in general, there is much excitement.  We want our children to be secure; we want our children to receive the best education possible within the best facility; we want to be able to utilize the existing spaces in the school in the best possible way.  Therefore I am asking parishioner help to make this happen.  On a personal note, I am undertaking this project with a leap of faith.  I was a little hesitant in undertaking this project and then asking for financial support.  But parents and other parishioners both assured me that they felt this can be accomplished, making Our Lady of Victory School (Pre-K to 8th grade) a true model of what elementary schools should be.  It is our hope that everything will be finished for the new school year 2019-20. I pray that God will bless us in this endeavor.  I am confident that we will succeed with the help of all parishioners who want to make our school and church a “light shining on a hill” as Jesus wished.  Please mark your calendars for July 16th at 6:30 and plan to be with us as we begin this journey in faith. 

As Jesus often left His disciples and went off to the mountain or seashore to be alone with His Father, so too is each priest called yearly to do the same. This week, Fr. Jonathan will be on the DIOCESAN PRIEST RETREAT.  Please keep him in your prayers. This time alone with the Lord is a very special time.

Next weekend, our parish will participate in the DIOCESAN MISSIONARY CO-OP PLAN. As you recall from past years, each parish is assigned a missionary to preach at all Masses asking for our financial support.  This year our missionary is coming to us from St. Vincent’s Monastery in Latrobe.  We welcome Father to our parish.

As we did for our mothers, this weekend you will find FATHER’S DAY CARDS at the entrances of the church.  Next week we will honor our fathers throughout the weekend. If you would like your father remembered at all the Masses, please take a card, fill it out and return it to the rectory.  The cards will be placed in front of God’s altar all weekend.

There will be a training session for NEW LECTORS AND EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS on June 12th at 7:15pm in the church.  I am appreciative of those men and women who are willing to give their time and talents for the church and ultimately the glory of God.


HUMOR FOR THE WEEK - The little boy was getting 'poor' grades in school. One day he surprised the teacher.  He tapped her on the shoulder and said, "I don't want to scare you, but my daddy says if I don't get better grades . . . somebody is going to get a spanking . . ."