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March 18, 2018

posted Mar 16, 2018, 7:04 AM by Diane Lapinski

FROM THE PASTOR…..MY DEAR PARISH FAMILY, this weekend is COMMITMENT WEEKEND FOR OUR 2018 ANNUAL CATHOLIC MINISTRIES DRIVE. Through this Drive, our gifts will make an immediate impact on ministries that care for the poor, strengthen family life, nurture our youth, and provide leadership development for clergy and laity.  Please drop off your Commitment Card in the collection basket this           weekend or send it in through the mail.  All monies over our goal will be designated for our school cafeteria improvements and continued safety upgrades.  May God bless you for your continued support and dedicate to OLV and the Diocesan Ministries.


Below are the SCHEDULED LENTEN PENANCE SERVICES FOR THE NORTHERN DEANERY.  Please take a look and schedule the day that will best fit into your schedule. Just a reminder that our Penance Service will be the last scheduled service for our parish. As always your priests will be in attendance at the services, so please be patient, as you always have been, if you cannot reach us.  Please note when a penance service falls on a Wednesday, EUCHARISTIC ADORATION WILL END AT 3:00pm, ALLOWING YOUR PRIESTS TRAVEL TIME.  As it happens, this Wednesday all-day adoration will end at 3:00pm.

                   Tuesday, March 20               Good Shepherd, State College          7 pm

                  Wednesday, March 21          Queen of Archangels, Clarence         7 pm

                  Thursday, March 22              Most Holy Trinity, Huntingdon            7 pm  

                  Sunday, March 25               Our Lady of Victory                          2 pm  

                  Tuesday, March 27               PSU, University Park                          7 pm



·      PALM SUNDAY regular weekend schedule with the Palm Procession at the 9:30 Mass.

·      The Penance Service will be at 2:00 PM on Palm Sunday

·      MONDAY OF HOLY WEEK – regular schedule

·      TUESDAY OF HOLY WEEK – regular schedule

·      WEDNESDAY OF HOLY WEEK – regular schedule. No all-day adoration. I would like our                             adorers  to  come  Holy Thursday adoration in the evening.  Celebration of Tenebrae                           at 7:00pm.

·      THURSDAY OF HOLY WEEK – NO MORNING MASS. Morning Prayer at 9:00 AM. Mass of the                       Lord’s Supper at 7:00 PM, followed by private adoration until 10:00 PM

·      GOOD FRIDAY – NO MORNING MASS. Morning Prayer at 9:00 AM. Stations of the Cross at                           12:00PM. Remembrance of the Lord’s Passion, Veneration of the Cross                                                      and  Holy Communion at 1:00 PM.   

·      HOLY SATURDAY – NO MORNING MASS OR CONFESSIONS. Morning Prayer at 9:00.                                 Blessing of Easter Baskets at 11:30 in the baptistery. EASTER VIGIL AT 8:30 PM.  

·      EASTER SUNDAY – regular schedule.


ON A PERSONAL NOTE – I am asking parishioners to try to attend the 8:30 Easter Vigil Liturgy.  Yes, it is a bit longer than normal.  But this liturgy is the high point of the whole liturgical year.  There will be one baptism celebrated along with a few professions of faith, confirmations and receiving the Eucharist for the first time.  Your presence at this liturgy will show support for our Elect as they now will be received as full member of the Catholic Church.  So please come, take off your watches and celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection with our newest members.  There is no better way to spend a Saturday evening than with the presence of the  Risen Lord in our midst.


HUMOR FOR THE WEEK - There are un-written rules that everyone who rides elevators follow whether they know it or not. It's not something that anyone has placed into effect by law. . . . It's just the way things are. . . .

1.   When you are waiting for an elevator and there are two sets, the one that is the greatest distance from you will open first.

2. While you are riding the elevator, it is not permissible to look anyone in the eyes. The proper place to stare is at the floor or at the numbers.

3. The person at the very back of the elevator will always be the one who needs off first.

4.    If you are on the top floor of a 32 story building and needed to go the 1st floor, the elevator will stop 31 times before you reach the ground.

5.   If you get off on the wrong floor and realize it the instant your foot hits the ground outside the elevator, it's much too embarrassing to admit you are wrong, so you stay outside the door and act like you know what you're doing then catch the next one and hope all the people you were with have gotten off.