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May 29, 2016

posted May 27, 2016, 10:18 AM by Diane Lapinski

FROM THE PASTOR…..MY DEAR PARISH FAMILY,  this Monday our nation celebrates MEMORIAL DAY, the “unofficial” start to the summer season. However, the primary reason for the  celebration is to remember all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms – their lives. We stop our normal routine and commend to God all those men and women who have given their lives for the sake of the lives and freedoms we enjoy each and every day. At OLV we will have ONE MASS celebrated at 9:00 AM asking God to grant eternal life to those who have fulfilled His commission that “there is no greater love than this…to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” (Jn. 15:13). May God bless them and know they will be enjoying eternal life forever. But also let us remember those who are still serving in the military – that God may watch over them and protect them until they return to their loved ones.


A few weeks ago, Bishop Mark came up to State College to THANK all those men and women who, with their respective businesses contributed to the E.I.T.C. program which benefited our school. The Earned Income Tax Credit program is a program allowed by the state that allows businesses to defer part of their tax to be donated to school for tuition assistance. Our school received $115,934.00 this school year to help parents pay their tuition at OLV. I also would publicly like to thank the following people and their businesses for their help with their generous contributions:


               BB&T Bank/ Susquehanna Bank – Mike Petrine

                Fernsler Hutchison Architecture – LLC Fred and Adam Fernsler

                GM McCrossin – Bob Leahey

                Kish Bank – John Arrington

                Lee Industries – Joshua Montler

                Mammoth Restoration – Mike Bevilacqua

                Momentum Associates, LP Ramada – Joe Thomas

                Northwest Savings Bank – Larry Savino

                Restek Corporation – Raymond Ciampichini

                Scientific Systems – Andrew Charney

                SEKO Sutherland Global Logistics – Rob and Deborah Shearer

                Stocker Chevrolet Subaru, Inc – Gene and Corey Stocker

                Torron Group – Tom Songer


Again, thanks to the above companies for making our school affordable for many families. I do appreciate your generosity and kindness. Applications are being taken now and until July 1 for NEW BUSINESSES to participate in this program. For tax credit application guidelines, please contact Chris Kirkpatrick – OLV Director of Development at 237-7832 or email [email protected]  The Diocesan Development Office is also available by phone (814-695-5577) or email [email protected] or visit


Our 8TH GRADE GRADUATION MASS will be celebrated this Friday at 7:00 PM in the church. I want to congratulate our 8th graders in reaching this important step in their education; and also this important step in their spiritual development. Parishioners are invited to attend this Mass and pray for our students as they leave our school and go to another school of higher learning.


ANOTHER REMINDER - beginning June 1, there will no longer be a Tuesday evening Mass nor                  confessions. With retreats in June and summer plans, it is necessary to eliminate the Tuesday evening regular schedule. Therefore this Tuesday will be the last Tuesday evening Mass and time for evening reconciliation. Other needed adjustments will be made known once I hear what the diocese has in mind for OLV. It will involve the number of Masses prayed on Sunday and the time for the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


HUMOR FOR THE WEEK – In Ardmore, Oklahoma, a painter parked his truck in front of an office building. Knowing that his job would take some time, he candidly stuck a note of the windshield that read: “Painter working inside.” On his return, the painter found his note removed. In its place was a parking ticket with a note attached: “Policeman working outside.”