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November 22, 2015

posted Nov 20, 2015, 10:40 AM by Diane Lapinski

FROM THE PASTOR…..MY DEAR PARISH FAMILY, in just a few days our country will be celebrating THANKSGIVING DAY, a time when we stop our activities and THANK GOD for the many blessings and favors He has bestowed upon us. It is a time when we, for a moment, forget ourselves and focus on Our  Loving Father, realizing how good He has been to us throughout our lives. I love this time of year and as I grow older, I become more thankful for all He has done for me. At this time I want to THANK all of you, OLV parishioners, for being a wonderful parish family. Over the past months, I have received many letters and  e-mails thanking me for being your pastor. Your letters and comments of support and prayers mean so much to me. I have heard comments from visitors like, “When I come into church, I get a warm friendly feeling.”  Parishioners have stated that there is a “family atmosphere” present at OLV. The parents of our school  children are thrilled with our school, teachers and administrators. “Father, is there anything I can do for you” is a statement that I have heard many time over. “Father, I would like to take the pressure off of you. What can I do?” was spoken to me in my office. The Knights of Columbus are wearing pins that state, “We support our Bishops and priests.” I am so very grateful for all the comments and signs of support given over my 2 plus years as your pastor. The road has not always been smooth; but during the rough moments I know the  prayers of so many “pull me through” those moments with the promise of more prayers to come. So from my heart, I say THANK YOU PARISHIONERS for everything you do for me and for all the priests and will  continue to do for me and our church in the years to come. God bless!  


To celebrate the goodness of God bestowed on us, we will have 2 MASSES TO CELEBRATE                      THANKSGIVING DAY. For those who might be traveling on Thursday morning or who need the time at home to prepare for their Thanksgiving Day, there will be a Mass on Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM  in                    anticipation of Thanksgiving Day. On Thursday itself, there will only be 1 Mass at 9:00 AM. It is my hope that parishioners will come to say “thanks” to God for all He has done for them. Also, there will be only one Mass on Friday and that at 9:00 AM.


I want to THANK ANN RIGO AND THE DECORATING CREW for the very beautiful display in our sanctuary. Their work and talent truly aids us in our prayer and heart being uplifted to God. Thanks Ann and all who helped. So many compliments were given!


Due to the holiday, the RECTORY WILL BE CLOSED from noon Wednesday through Sunday. We will               reopen on Monday morning at 9:00 AM. This will allow priests and staff to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends.


SO HOW IS THE ROOF COMING? is a question I have been hearing. The only thing I can say is that the roof is progressing as best as it can. However, due to various delays, it will not be completed until sometime in December.  Believe me, I want the roof done as soon as possible also so that we can move back into church. I do appreciate all the  patience shown by the morning Mass parishioners. The roof is being                      completed. Just a little more patience please.




-      A woman in her seventies, cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time, called Butterball for help        because her mother said she was tired of cooking and it was time her daughter learned how to prepare the Thanksgiving meal.

-      A proud gentleman called to tell the Butterball staff how he wrapped his turkey in a towel and stomped on it several times, breaking the bones so it would fit in his pan.

-      A gentleman called Butterball’s Thanksgiving Turkey Talk-Line to tell the operator he cut his turkey in half with a chain saw and wanted to know if the oil from the chain would adversely affect the turkey.

-      A disappointed woman called Butterball’s Thanksgiving Turkey Talk-Line wondering why her turkey had no breast meat. After a conversation with an operator, it became apparent that the woman’s turkey was lying on the table upside down.

-      One caller to Butterball’s Thanksgiving Turkey Talk-Line had always cut the legs off the turkey before putting it in the oven, thinking that was how you had to cook a turkey. She later learned that the only reason her mom had been doing that was because their oven had been so small that that was the only way to get the bird into the oven!