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October 21, 2018

posted Oct 19, 2018, 6:11 AM by Diane Lapinski

FROM THE PASTOR…..MY DEAR PARISH FAMILY, well it happened once again – someone got into my email and sent out requests for money, saying that I am in need of some financial help.  Please, once again, know that I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER EMAIL ANYONE ASKING FOR MONEY. I would hope and pray that I would never be that desperate as to impose myself on others asking for  personal money.  So please, if you ever receive an email from me asking for personal financial  assistance, delete it and do not respond in any way.  If you respond, they might get your email account and use your name to do the same.  And I really believe that anyone lowers themselves to do such things to someone will someday have to answer for it, maybe not here but at some time.  So please delete when or if you receive one from me that sounds suspicious.

As always during the month of November, we remember all our DECEASED LOVED ONES. In your packet of envelopes you will find one marked "All Souls Day."  Please return that envelope with the names of your deceased loved ones and we will place your requests on the shrine before the  tabernacle.  If you do not receive the packet of envelopes, there are extra at the entrances of the church.  Again, please feel free to take one and return it to the church.  The shrine will remain in the  sanctuary until the First Sunday of Advent. 


WE FINALLY GOT WORD - Bishop Mark asked that a special collection be taken up in all parishes in support of those impacted by the recent HURRICANES. This special collection may be taken up at all Masses on the weekend of October 27-28.  All proceeds from this special collection should be forwarded to the Chancery Office. The entire amount from the collections will be sent immediately to Catholic Charities USA for distribution to those in need. Thousands of people lost their homes and their places of employment due to the recent hurricanes that have impacted especially Florida, Georgia, and South  Carolina. Please be generous in response to a Special Hurricane Relief Collection being taken up in all parishes throughout the diocese. All donations will be forwarded to Catholic Charities USA which   administers the funds directly to those in most need. Keep the people of those places in your prayers.


 We will have our ANNUAL REMEMBRANCE LITURGY on November 14 at 6:00 PM.  At this Mass, we will remember all those who have died from the parish since November 2 of last year.  Families of the  deceased loved ones will be contacted inviting them to attend and light a candle in remembrance.  Please plan to be with us as we once again commend into the loving arms of God those who have died and gone before us.  After the liturgy, there will be refreshments served in the Activities Center.   


As you already know, our ANNUAL PARISH BAZAAR will be held on Saturday, November 17th in the school gym.  This annual event is not only a fundraiser for the parish but also it is a wonderful way to build community by bringing people together to work and have some fun.  In order for us to have a  successful fundraiser, we need parishioners to pick up their book of chances found in the baptismal area of the church.  There will be an envelope with your name on it containing the book of chances.  You are asked to please fill out the booklets and return them to the church with your donation.  The winners of the  raffle will be announced at the end of the bazaar on the 17th of November.  


HUMOR FOR THE WEEK - Mike listened to a lecture on the importance of showing appreciation to the important people in his life. Mike decided to start with his wife, so after work that night, he went to the shopping mall where he bought a dozen long-stemmed roses, a box of chocolates, and a pair of earrings. He smiled with self-satisfaction as he contemplated surprising his wife and showing her how much he  appreciated her.  He stood at the front door with the roses in his right hand, the brightly wrapped box of candy under his arm, an open jewelry box displaying the earrings in his left hand. With an elbow, he rang the doorbell. His wife came to the door, opened it, and stared at him for a long minute. Suddenly she burst into tears. "Sweetheart, what's wrong? ” asked the bewildered husband.  “It’s been the worst day of my life,” she answered. “First, Johnny tried to flush his diaper down the toilet. Then Kevin melted his  plastic airplane in the oven. Then the dishwasher clogged and overflowed all over the kitchen floor. Then Jessica came home from school with a note from the teacher saying that she beat up a boy in her class. And now you came home drunk!”