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September 10, 2017

posted Sep 8, 2017, 6:44 AM by Diane Lapinski

FROM THE PASTOR…..MY DEAR PARISH FAMILY,  over the past week, I had the honor of attending 3 picnics dealing with the parish.  We had the back to school picnic on the school grounds, the Knights of Columbus family picnic and our parish picnic.  For all three events, the weather was beautiful, parishioners were smiling and happy and everyone was having a good time.  I want to THANK those individuals who were instrumental in the running of the picnics.  For our Parish Picnic, I want to thank Mary and Bob Hershey, Mary Grunthaner, Steve Milillo, Rodney and Pat  Hopkins, Bob and Nancy Jacobs, Carol and Lee Gouty, Pat Lutz, Paul Fritzsche, Bob and Kathleen Crowe, Dennis Marince, Deacon Dave, Dave DeAntonio, Karen Anstett, Jim Loughran, Andy        Mazzara, Ken Hart, the Sicree Family, Lionel Bassett, the Knights of Columbus and Catholic  Daughters.  Once again, we had an overflow crowd, the most for a parish picnic.  For the Knights of Columbus picnic, I want to THANK Dennis Marince and all the Knights in general who made the evening very relaxing for everyone.  Again, I was told it was the most attended picnic for them so far.  And for the school picnic, I want to THANK Annie Foytack for chairing the picnic, and the Cub and Boy Scouts for their help and all those who worked so quietly, esp. those who got up on the dunk tank.  We had over 450 parishioners enjoying themselves before school started.  If I forgot anyone who worked on any of the 3 picnics, please forgive me.  I tried to be as complete as possible.  Our parish, in my eyes, truly is a family (a big one) in the image and likeness of God.  May God bless you all!


In 1600’ & in the midst of the horror of the 30 Years’ War, the dreaded plague swept across Europe. High in the Bavarian Alps, the villagers of OBERAMMERGAU attempted to seal themselves off from the outside world. When a homesick young man sneaked into the village and brought the  pestilence with him, 84 residents died within just 3 weeks.  In desperation, the town council made a solemn vow that IF God would stop the plague, out of gratitude, they would remember the life and suffering of Christ with a play for the duration of their existence. Miraculously, the plague took no more lives in the town. True to their word, the villagers performed their first play. At Pentecost 1634, they fulfilled their pledge for the first time on a stage they built above the fresh graves of the 84 plague victims. The year 2020 will celebrate the 42nd time the play has been produced.   If you are interested, there will be an informational meeting on Saturday, September 23 at 5:00 PM in the   Activities Center Gardiner Social Hall.  At the meeting we will be discussing prices, down payments and answering any questions from the representative from Kish Travel who will be helping us organize this trip.  Spaces are limited so please attend this important meeting.  Some might say, “It is a little less than 3 years away.  Why are we planning this at this time?  Who knows where I will be 3 year from now?”  Those are all valid questions.  However, since this play runs only once every 10 years, travel agencies are already filling up their reservation lists; so must we.  Everyone will have the opportunity to purchase cancelation insurance which allows for refunds.  All that will be    explained at the information meeting.  So if you are interested, I hope to see you on the 23rd of September.


This weekend our parish will be sharing in the DIOCESAN MISSIONARY COOPERATIVE ONCE AGAIN.  As you recall from previous years, each parish in the Diocese hosts a missionary priest/sister asking for financial help.  This year we will be welcoming Rev. Evod Shao a member of the Spiritan Religious Congregation working throughout the world.  We welcome Father to our parish.  The envelopes that were in your packet earlier will be used to help Father as well as the  envelopes found at the entrances of the church and in the baptistery.  Once again, welcome Father.


HUMOR FOR THE WEEK - An elderly woman walked into the local country church. The friendly usher greeted her at the door and helped her up the flight of steps. "Where would you like to sit?" he asked politely.   "The front row please." she answered.   "You really don't want to do that", the usher said. "The pastor is really boring."   "Do you happen to know who I am?" the woman inquired.  "No." he said.   "I'm the pastor's mother," she replied indignantly.   "Do you know who I am?" he asked.   "No." she said.   "Good", he answered.