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September 22, 2013

posted Sep 20, 2013, 10:52 AM by Diane Lapinski



MY DEAR PARISH FAMILY…..As you have noticed from the past two weekends, we have not read the names before Mass of people in need of our prayers for healing. The reason for this is that I was told that some names have been on the list for years. The list has not been updated in quite a while and to be perfectly honest with you, during the reading of the names I have noticed that not many people are paying attention. Not wanting to be insensitive to the sick of our parish, I still want those in need of healing to be remembered. Therefore there will be a slight change in how we do this.   Located by the steps leading up to the tabernacle, along the wall by the choir, there will be a BOOK OF REMEMBERANCE FOR THE SICK. Parishioners will be asked to please write the names of those in need of our prayers and those names will be remembered at the altar by the priest  celebrating the Mass. There will also be a special petition remembering all the sick from our parish and friends of the parish at each Mass celebrated on the weekends. I feel that this will accomplish the fulfillment of the gospel virtue of tending to the sick and is more reverent than reading names when very few are listening and praying for them.


Just a reminder to parishioners that a EUCHARISTIC MINISTER MEETING will be held in the church this Monday evening at 6:00 PM. This meeting is for all Eucharistic Ministers and anyone in good standing with the church who wants to be a minister. At this time we will discuss the procedures to be used at Mass as well as the procedure used when taking the Eucharist to the homebound. I hope as many Eucharistic Ministers that we have will be in attendance. After this meeting it is my hope that all questions will be answered and everyone will be “on the same page” as to what to do.


The first PARISH COUNCIL MEETING will be held this Tuesday evening at 6:30 in the Conference Room in the Activities Center. Since this is my first meeting with the Council, I hope that everyone on Council will be in attendance so that I may meet everyone and find out what plans for the future of OLV were being made before I came.


This Sunday at the 5:00 PM Mass, we will celebrate the RITE OF COMMITMENT for our 11th grade Confirmation students. It is an important step in their life as they reaffirm their commitment to follow Christ more closely and to begin to take seriously their baptismal promise to live and witness to the gospel of Christ. I consider this an important step in their spiritual development and I hope the parish does too. Please pray for them this weekend.


As you have noticed in the Catholic Register, OLV will be participating in KEEP THE LIGHTS ON program going on throughout the Diocese. Each church was asked to schedule another time for the Sacrament of Reconciliation so that parishioners may make use of the sacrament. OLV’s time will be Monday, September 23, after the 9:00 AM Mass. Hopefully this will allow some to come and celebrate the sacrament and receive the merciful forgiveness of our good God.




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