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September 8, 2013

posted Sep 6, 2013, 12:23 PM by Diane Lapinski



This weekend and the next, parishioners will have an opportunity to receive a book entitled THE FOUR SIGNS OF A DYNAMIC CATHOLIC. This book is a continuation of the small prayer  gatherings started last year with the Catholicism videos and discussions. It is the hope of the Outreach Committee that each family will take a book and discuss it within the family confines or, as in the past, discuss it within the small meeting groups that were formed over the past year. I highly support this program and hope that many will take advantage of this spiritual growth opportunity.

As you have noticed in a previous bulletin, I mentioned that I believe very strongly that a parish needs to not only pray together (as we do very well) but also it needs to play together. Through “playing” we come to know each other better in a very informal way. To that extend, I have organized many BUS TRIPS that parishioners can take together. I know that Pam McDonough organizes trips for the parish and I fully back them. So together I hope that many will take advantage of the bus trips and continue to grow together as a family.

And speaking of trips, just for your information, I am planning a trip to SIGHT AND SOUND in Lancaster to see their Christmas Show on Dec. 6th. The day will also include a dinner at one of the local restaurants. The cost will be approximately $50.00 - $60.00. I know it is a bit early in the year to think about Christmas, but I just wanted parishioners to know that this trip is being planned so that you can place it on your schedules.


HUMOR FOR THE WEEK - One afternoon a man came home from work to find total mayhem in his house. His three children were outside, still in their pajamas, playing in the mud, with empty food boxes and wrappers strewn all around the front yard. The door of his wife's car was open, as was the front door to the house. Proceeding to the entry, he found an even bigger mess. A lamp had been knocked over, and the throw rug was wadded against one wall. In the front room, the TV was loudly blaring a cartoon channel, and the family room was strewn with toys and various items of clothing. In the kitchen, dishes filled the sink, breakfast food was spilled on the counter, dog food was spilled on the floor, a broken glass lay under the table, and a small pile of sand was spread by the back door. He quickly headed up the stairs, stepping over the toys and more piles of clothes, looking for his wife. He was worried she may be ill, or that something serious had happened. He found her lounging in the bedroom, still curled in the bed in her pajamas, reading a novel. She looked up at him, smiled, and asked how his day went. He looked at her bewildered and asked, "What happened here today?" She again smiled and      answered, "You know every day when you come home from work and ask me what in the world did I do today?" "Yes," was his incredulous reply. She answered, "Well, today I didn't do it."