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September 9, 2018

posted Sep 7, 2018, 5:20 AM by Diane Lapinski

FROM THE PASTOR…..MY DEAR PARISH FAMILY,  these past few weeks we have had two PARISH FAMILY GATHERINGS – the BACK TO SCHOOL PICNIC and the ANNUAL PARISH PICNIC. In both cases, the attendance was wonderful and a good time was had by all.  However, in order to have such successful parish events, it takes the effort of so many dedicated people.  Therefore I would like to thank those who made our gatherings so enjoyable:


· Back to School Picnic –The Kris Family, The Foytack Family, The Hale Family, Paul &            

     Crystal Crum, Eric & Christine Olbrich, Bill & Andrea Seisler, Olga & Bumper Grove, Megan 

     Roberts, Patrese Huff, Sandy Muller, Denise Dible, Hazel Viglione , Danielle Montler, 

     Sonia McCubbins, Annie Hughes, MaryAnn Stolberg, Paul Fritzsche, Terry Stec, Michael Starks,

     Carol King, Brent Laskowski, Joe Rokita, Luke Surovec, Jennifer Mallett, Shelly Mato, Ava

     Starks, Elizabeth Peters, Grace Dible.


· Annual Parish Picnic – Bob and Mary Hershey, Mary Grunthaner, Deb and Joe Reese,

     Steve Milillo, Rodney Hopkins, Pat Hopkins, Lee and Carol Gouty, Paul Fritzsche, Joe Riley,

     Chris  Kirkpatrick, Dave Koller, Pat Lutz, Rob and Kathleen Crowe, Bob, Nancy and Grace

     Jacobs, Dennis Marince, Jim Loughran, Stella Mohamed, Deacon Dave, The Sicree Family,  

     Andy Mazzara, Ken Hart, Lionel Bassett and the Catholic Daughters.


In both cases, it was very heartwarming for a pastor to see his parishioners having a good time and celebrating “family” within our parish. May God bless all those who worked so hard with these        picnics and my thanks go out to all those who participated.


A LOOK AHEAD – for those who are confirmed for going to THE HOLY LAND next September, there will be a meeting in the Activities Center on September 18th at 6:00 PM. I am happy to        report that the trip is sold out and we have a waiting list.  I do ask consideration that anyone who was confirmed and now cannot go, to please call Chris Kirkpatrick at the rectory so that we will be able to fill your place. The meeting will be informational, discussing the trip and raising questions that might have to be referred to the travel agency for answers.  Please read the information that was given to you which might answer some questions people might have.     


Our totals for the SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT CAPITAL CAMPAIGN are going up, thanks to              dedicated parishioners.  To date, we have 231 pledges promising $860,307.49 over the next year or so.  From last week’s bulletin you saw that some safety improvements have already been               implemented.  This was accomplished by the funds already collected.  I am truly grateful to all those who have responded to this campaign.  There are still many pledge cards outstanding and I do encourage those who have not contributed as yet to please consider doing so, especially those  families who have children in the school, those families who benefited by the presence of a Catholic School in the parish, and those who want to see OLV provide a safe environment for  children getting a Catholic education.  Understand that the effects of this campaign will be felt for generations to come.  Please consider helping us in this important project.  If by some chance you have lost your pledge card or did not get one, there are extras on the countertop in the baptismal area of the church.  I ask God to bless all those who are helping make OLV parish and school the best in our diocese.



HUMOR FOR THE WEEK - A group of college boys wanted to smuggle the football team mascot into their dormitory room- so they made intricate plans so they would not get found out. “But what about the smell?” someone asked. “The goat will just have to get used to it,” the boys replied.