Sacred Scripture: a "Seek and Find" Discussion Group

· Join with us on a very Special Journey through the BIBLE.

· Hear from GOD in HIS own words His “Story of Salvation” from the Book of Genesis… “In the beginning GOD,” to the Book of Revelation… JESUS is coming in GLORY!

· Seek to know GOD, as you see Him revealing Himself as He is.

· Seek to know GOD as you see Him relating to His children just because He loves us(unconditionally)

· While you are seeking, know this also, you are guaranteed to find “Precious Treasures” promised from our Heavenly Father, for He tells us, “If you seek Me, I will be found.”

· DISCUSSION … Tuesdays 10:00am-11:30am in the AC Assembly Room…for more information and a book call June Weaver 237-5959.

For More Information:

June Weaver
Phone: (814) 237-5959