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Confirmation 2014-2015

Our Lady of Victory  
Confirmation Retreat 

October 18 & 19, 2014


Please note the following details, rules, and general good advice on how to make our Confirmation retreat both a spiritual and social success.


  1. The Bethany Retreat Center’s telephone number is 814-263-4177, and our retreat leader is Sister Suzanne Thibault. Deacon Dave’s cell phone number is 814-883-1778.

2. The bus will depart on Saturday October 18th from the front of the OLV Activities Center at 1:00          p.m. The student must  ride the on bus to and from the retreat unless prior arrangements are              made with Deacon Dave. 

  1. The students will receive a snack as they board the bus. Future meals will include supper, a late night snack, then breakfast and lunch on the 19th. 
  1. Each student should bring a snack (NUT - FREE)  to place on the ‘Snack Table’ at the retreat facility. Examples include a large bag of chips or pretzels, a box of cookies, cupcakes or snack bars, etc. Please do not bring anything requiring refrigeration. What is not consumed during the retreat will be used on future Sunday classes. 
  1. The Bethany Retreat Center is a MP3 player/cell phone free zone. This is done so you can enjoy the retreat experience without distractions to your self or others. You may use these devices during the bus trip to and from the retreat center, but not during the retreat itself. 
  1. We will be sleeping in segregated bunkhouses and you must provide your own linens/sleeping bag and pillow(s). Bathrooms facilities are located in each bunkhouse and you must provide you own toiletries and towels. 
  1. Please wear/pack appropriate and sensible clothing and foot wear suitable for outdoor use. 
  1. The Bethany Retreat Center is a tobacco free area. 

  1. We will celebrate Sunday Mass at the retreat center before departing at about 2:30 p.m. We should arrive at the OLV between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m. 


 September 7, 2014        Class                             2:30-4:30

 September 21, 2014      Class                              2:30-4:30

 October 5, 2014            Class                              2:30-4:30

 October 18/19, 2014     Retreat - Bethany Retreat Center     1:00 Sat. to 4:00 Sun. *

 November 2, 2014        Class                              2:30-4:30*

 November 16, 2014      Class                              2:30-4:30

 December 7, 2014         Class                              2:30-4:30

 December 14, 2014       Class                              2:30-4:40

 January 4, 2015           Class                              2:30-4:30 *

 January 18, 2015         Class                              2:30-4:30

 February 8, 2015          Class                              2:30-4:30

 February 22, 2015        Class                              2:30-4:30 *

 March 15, 2015            Class                              2:30-4:30

 March 29, 2015            Class                              2:30-4:30

 April 12, 2015               Class                              2:30-4:30

 April 26, 2015               Class                              2:30-4:30

 April 28, 2015               Rehearsal                           6:30

 May 1, 2015                  Confirmation                     6:00                


*Attendance of all Confirmandi is required on these dates