Welcome to Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church

Reminders for Going Back to Mass

  • We encourage everyone who wants to wear a mask to wear one!

  • Consider carrying personal hand sanitizer and using it during Mass.

  • If you are sick, or concerned you may have been exposed to a contagious illness, please stay home. You are excused from obligation to attend Mass.

  • If you have not already been vaccinated for COVID-19, pleases consider getting the vaccine and please wear a mask.

  • If you have serious health conditions, are a caregiver to someone whose health is compromised, are homebound, or have serious anxiety about being a part of large groups at this time, you are not obligated to attend Mass. We encourage you to watch The Proclaim! TV Mass live on Sundays at 11:00am on WATM ABC 23 and rebroadcast at 9:00pm on Atlantic Broadband channel 9.

Our Mission

Our mission is to welcome all people both churched and unchurched into the Body of Christ where through word, Sacrament, and community they can explore a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and as a result honor the great commandment of Jesus to love God and neighbor.

We invite you to explore this website to find out more about our parish. For questions, please contact our office at 814-237-7832.

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